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About Us...


It's about your mission...

And making your mission function better in the world.

Because we believe that’s why a business exists — to serve the people around them.

Our business works with mission-focused organizations from nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies — to grow and scale faster online.

We’re frequently sought out to make complex tech understandable and appealing, and to maximize conversions on sales pages through copy and design — but our hearts always lead us towards growing organizations with world-changing missions.

We’ve worked with incredible people who...

Breaking chains
Fight to end human trafficking
Hamburger and shake
Help people regain a healthy, free, and positive relationship with food — while losing weight naturally
Healing hemp
Heal the world naturally with hemp
Train the next generation of true conversion copywriters
Government wifi
Make government more efficient so they can connect more easily with their citizens
Confident man
Inspire confidence in men to be more charismatic, empathetic, and successful
Discussing finance
Get financial counseling to those in need (which, let’s be honest, is all of us)
Transform e-Learning experiences so we’re learning faster and more thoroughly online
Coming together about news
Bridge the gap between liberals and conservatives (so we understand both sides on each issue)
Hands shaking
Make volunteering appealing for distracted millennials in New York City
Super hero kid
Inspire hope in underprivileged kids to live life without limits
Magic wand
Grant wishes to children battling life-threatening medical conditions
Designer in speech bubble
Highlight stories of talented designers making a difference in their communities (even if it means they take a pay cut)
Automated webinar
Automate webinar marketing for course creators
Wonder woman
Empower women all over the world to create a life (and business) they love

The Core Team

Angela Cho

Creative Lead & Copywriter
Founder of Function Labs, creative lead, and copywriter. Prior to Function Labs, Angela worked in public relations and marketing in the defense, government, and SaaS sectors. She graduated with a B.S. in journalism and entrepreneurship from Syracuse University. Today she runs Function Labs in Brooklyn, NY and is an advisor for The Flip Side. Say hi to Angela on LinkedIn or Twitter!

Alfredo Gutierrez

Lover of knowledge and business, he’s been instrumental in startups that’s grown from $50k to $2M, $100k to $1M, and $250K to $25M. His "supernatural grasp of the forces that affect the bottom line" (as one teammate said) makes him a natural leader in sales, data, and marketing strategy. Alf also lives and works in Brooklyn (he's married to Angie). :) Meet Alf on LinkedIn!

Justin Yuen

Justin began his career creating effective, measurably profitable direct marketing. His core is always as an artist, but his experience pushes him to create something not only beautiful, but always functional. He graduated with a B.S. in Information Science and Technology from Syracuse University. Say hi to Justin on LinkedIn.
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Our Values

Our values are rooted in education.

This means we prioritize learning and personal growth over ping pong tables and booze.

We push each other to become the best versions of ourselves, remain humble to data, give as much value as possible through measurable results, and never stop evolving our craft.

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