Are you a hungry, ambitious creator interested in working with us on a passion-project basis?

Get matched with projects you care about.

We’re an agency that brings opportunities that fit — and never ties you down.

For freelancers and fellow agencies. We’ll only reach out when there’s a fit.

Do you find yourself saying, “It’s so hard to find good people to work with” a little too much?

Do you wish you were surrounded by the best creatives in the world, working on really cool projects with people who keep pushing themselves to be the best at their craft. People who’ll prioritize learning over being right. And admit you can never know enough.

You might be copywriter. A designer. A developer. A marketing strategist. A CRO.

You know the pain when you work so hard on whatever deliverable you give to your client, but once you hand it off, it’s out of your hands.

A designer screws up your wireframe and you need to push back to defend your copy. The in-house funnel strategist may have missed an opportunity and divert the entire campaign the wrong way. Or a self-proclaimed CRO could be obsessing over testing button colors... and you know it’s much more than that.

Every piece impacts the success of your work, and you just can’t control everything.

It’s something we talk about here all the time..

Where are the like-minded people who actually measure their marketing — or cares to spend the time to? Instead of just delivering pretty things to make clients happy in the moment?

You find the unicorns once in a while. But it’s rare.

We found that a lot of the best of the best in a field are out working on their own.

And if we could put them all into a room, and work together, that would be a really beautiful thing.

What masterpieces could we come up with together? Who would be in it? How would we choose who does what?

That’s when we started Function Labs.

It’s an agency, but don’t run away just yet. Most agencies will do their best to get you — as the freelancer — to charge less, so they can profit more. Or they just want to measure the work by hours to fit the way they run their operations.

We do the opposite.

We’re a small community of talented creatives working from all over the world — who prioritize measurable results for the client and the creative work.

Ideally recruiting the best of each industry. Each person focuses on their mastered field. And we piece our work together to create one amazing outcome.

Anyone on a project is pre-qualified by us, and has processes they have tested and actually have proven results from, so we can all learn, together.

You’ll be surprised how much overlap there is in our process sometimes…and the magic that happens when we share the same data.

At Function Labs we’ve built a model that fosters results and grows people, instead prioritizing image, liquor, parties and ping pong tables.

So what’s the process?

We make it super easy for you as the creative.

You skip the sales process entirely, and we send you your ideal client and you just say yes or no.

No more worrying about qualifying the client, spending weeks closing the sale, worried during discovery phase that you’ll miss something, and then thinking of how you’ll the rally the right people for the job.

All of that we take care of.

It’s like the next step after a Mastermind, gathering the best and creating a MasterWORKS.

We’re recruiting the Avengers. When it’s called for, we band together on big, interesting, thorny projects.

The goal is we walk away with one complete masterpiece together -- not just one piece of it.

The client wins, you win, and we reach a new, freer, smarter agency model that actually works—and lets us do what we really want to do—work on projects that we love, at scale.

That’s our vision.
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